Always looking to learn new skills.

My past experience is mostly in the startup world. Quick, iterative, "Lean Startup" type approaches have led me to learning a vast amount in a short time period. Through internships and my professional career, I have been able to learn and implement strategies in marketing and other disciplines. Please use this page as a general representation of my skill set.


  • Marketing
  • Customer Personas
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Event Planning/Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Community Building

One of my favorite past times is learning new software and trying out the latest task manager. In my second internship I learned how to use Illustrator to design t-shirts and have been in love with the product ever since. Working with more digital companies I started learning qSketch. I am proficient in most CRMs and CMS, love Google Apps, and am constantly learning more.

Software. Skills. Tools.

  •   ScreenFlow
  •   Illustrator
  •   WordPress
  •   HTML/CSS
  •   Photoshop
  •   Sketch

Also, I created this website from a W3 template and customized most of it. But seriously, why pay to reinvent the wheel?