A mix of weird projects and other random things


I made the above gif of Kate from Techstars. It comes up in our slack channel every time "deal with it" is said.

During Techstars, Windrush pivoted to selling to investment bankers. Without finance experience, we needed to do customer discovery. I stood outside a top 10 IB in NYC with this sign handing out Diet Cokes to bankers.

Parodied from LeBron James. I will bring a championship to Cleveland. What that is in has yet to be determined.

Parodied from "Graphic Design is My Passion". This was a popular joke made in our office due to my lack of formal training in grpahic design. A public twitter conversation solidified the joke in our company culture. When working on a POC there was much discussion on if material design was the right style to use; hence this meme I created.

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