October 2015 - Present

My primary role as the Sales Manager is designing, monitoring, and administrating the sales pipeline for Windrush. Other duties include: marketing, customer support, video production, graphic design, branding, product management, and administrating the company's investment pipeline. My favorite thing about my job is creating engaging content with our application. I created content using Windrush to tell better stories with data, see Super Bowl Article and World Series Article. I also used our app to make updating reports on how content was doing as well as overall analytics about our marketing site.

Startup Tech Valley Pitch

Windrush Pitch

While at Windrush I was able to pitch at Startup Tech Valley in front of more that 300 investors and potential customers. In June of 2016 I moved to NYC with the company to complete the Barclays Techstars Accelerator for FinTech companies. This program receives thousands of applications and Windrush was one of ten teams accepted. Throughout the program I have met mentors and customers that give guidance on strategy and fundraising. One of my favorite projects to work on was our Product Hunt launch. Gaining almost 500 upvotes Windrush was able to make the front page, gain press, and convert inbound traffic into free trials.


Barclays FinTech Accelerator 2016

The Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, helps start-ups take their businesses to the next level and transform the world. The 13-week program provides companies with a wide range of resources. They have an extensive group of mentors hand-picked from some of the world's leading talent, including influential Barclays executives and the powerful Techstars global network. And it all happens right in the heart of NYC. A startup getting into this program is the equivalent of getting into an Ivy league school.


Windrush's Launch - March 21st, 2016

For those of you not familiar with Product Hunt it is a daily list of new and cool things, mostly applications and other tech focused products. This post is interactive with a Reddit-like thread allowing users to upvote their favorite products to the "front page" of the website. Preparing for this launch required a lot of planning to capture the enormous amount of new traffic generated by be hunted on the site. I helped create marketing materials such as demo videos and landing pages to help convert these new visitors into customers.

Windrush received 470 upvotes putting us on the front page. As a result over 3,000 uniques came to our website and we gained close to 100 new free trials.

View our posting on Product Hunt here.